Gluten Free Crew

To support newly diagnosed
Coeliac's or those with gluten intolerance.

Gluten Free everyday

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Feel energised

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Hello, I'm Ciara Maria

I am an expert at living life as a Coeliac. I want to share all my knowledge & love for yummy healthy food with you. I'm here to help you find your groove with this new diagnoses. I'll help you understand what this means for you and how you can continue to live your best life.

I've been through all the feelings of confusion, sadness, isolation, uncertainty and I now want to share my learnings and help others move through these feelings at a quicker pace.

The joy I feel when I eat something delicious and healthy is something every new Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant human should feel.

Here to help you understand what this means for you.

I'll provide you with a Coeliac 'quick start guide'.

Eating out with friends, what to bring to lunch, how to deal with the summer bbq.

Support you through the early stages of this new and steep learning curve.

About Me

I’m Ciara Maria, a Galway Girl, and I have been a Coeliac for a loooong time! I was diagnosed back in 1999 when, to be honest, I didn’t even understand the word coeliac let alone gluten. I remember feeling confused, worried, scared, and all these feelings came with lots and lots of tears. What was I going to do and how was I going to survive?

Well, a lot has changed over the years and I now look back and truly believe that being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease on my 21st birthday was the best present I could have ever been given.

I’ve always tried to never let my diagnoses hold me back (and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all plain sailing!), especially as I had a huge desire to travel.

Over the years I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing, I studied nutrition and was a Pilates teacher at one point in my life, but it’s the last 12 months that I really have had a desire and drive to help newly diagnosed coeliacs and gluten intolerant individuals live a better life.

And to help people get to a happier point in their life…quicker.

Having spent 12 months prior to my diagnoses feeling sick, frustrated, unsure what on earth was going on with me, I now feeling extremely grateful that it was only one year of my life that I had to live with this sickness.

Today, I'm eating healthier than before, but trust me, it's still hard to have a perfect month. I have also tried to removed a lot of dairy from my diet along with added sugar, where possible, to try and focus on eating a diet which is anti-inflammatory and gluten free.

Happiness for me is a gluten free meal which make me feel good 20 minutes after I've eaten it! I'm always stoked when I get something yummy & healthy to eat, and it's not a salad!

I am not a doctor or a practicing nutritionist. I have completed a nutrition course and I have a huge interest in health & wellbeing. So along with my years of being a coeliac, I hope I can share some of my knowledge to guide you on your journey.

I now live in Queenstown, New Zealand with my husband. We've been here for 13 years and have many gluten free stories to tell from our travels together over the past 18 years.

This six week course is coming your way soon. Here's a taster of what will be included:

  1. Understanding gluten and coeliac disease: the basics of gluten, what it is, and how it affects people with coeliac disease.

  2. Identifying gluten-free foods: a comprehensive list of gluten-free foods, including grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and more.

  3. Reading labels and ingredient lists: guidelines for identifying gluten in ingredient lists and product labels, as well as what to look for in terms of cross-contamination.

  4. Preparing gluten-free meals: tips and tricks for cooking and baking gluten-free, including alternative flours and thickeners, gluten-free recipes, and more.

  5. Eating out safely: advice on eating at restaurants and other food establishments, including how to communicate with servers and chefs about gluten-free requirements.

  6. Living a gluten-free lifestyle: practical advice for navigating social events, travel, and other aspects of daily life, as well as tips for staying healthy and managing symptoms.

  7. Staying up-to-date on the latest research: information on the latest advances in gluten-free research and products, including new treatments and medications.

"Being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease on my 21st birthday
was the best present I could ever have been given."

Yummy gluten free food

(Made with love by me!)

Queenstown, New Zealand